Camper Life: Our Journey

My husband, corgi, and I live in a 19 ft. long camper. Yes, I said 19 ft. long. We didn’t always live in a camper and honestly, if this was brought to my attention years ago that we would be doing this, living in a camper, I most likely wouldn’t believe you.

When we first moved into our camper in Colorado.

Let me take you on our journey to camper life.
It was 2018 and we were living in a pretty expensive apartment in Colorado (We’re talking $1600/month for a one bedroom apartment). We were living paycheck to paycheck. The apartment complex was going to raise their prices and we just weren’t having that. We didn’t want to buy or rent a house yet, because we weren’t ready to be tied down to one area. We started looking at apartments, but all of them were so expensive. Since we were typically gone every weekend, tent camping, we started talking about van life. It struck a big interest in us, but we, soon, realized it would be too hard with our jobs and Eva (our dog). We talked about camper life and decided we could attempt this type of living.
Once we were set on camper living, it was time to do our own research. We talked to a few people that have lived in their camper full-time. We joined groups on Facebook that dealt with camper life. We researched on Google, Instagram, Pinterest, and Youtube for tips and tricks. Then we went to Camping World and the search was on.

Our glorious living room.
The magnificent Eva, our kitchen, and bedroom.
The high tech bathroom and shower.

Since we own a Tacoma, we wanted a small camper that we could easily tow. We looked at a few different types of campers, but the R-pods really stuck out to us. Some R-pods had a whole lot of space, but the height in the camper wasn’t tall enough. The others had very little space, but the height was perfect for us. We decided to go with the other camper that gave us enough room to stand tall. We may have sacrificed a little space, but we wanted to live comfortably.

We’ve had people ask us if we ever regretted buying a small camper and our answer is always “No, we don’t regret it”. Our small camper is perfect for our little family. We definitely have limited space, but you grow accustomed to it.
By no means is camper life suited for everyone, but if you are interested in it, there is no harm in doing your research and seeing if this type of living would be suitable for you. This was just the beginning of our journey and we have been more educated since then. I’m very excited to share more of our camper life adventures with you.

10 thoughts on “Camper Life: Our Journey

  1. I’m so happy you found what you were looking for as far as a lifestyle goes .
    Seems like you are doing very well 🙂 and i am glad to see that. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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