Our day in Zion National Park (plus Helpful Tips)

Before I dive into our trip at Zion National Park, I wanted to share what this experience meant to me. Because even though people want to see beautiful places, they should fully embrace what it felt like in that exact moment of seeing that place. I have never seen canyon walls stand so confidently towards the sky. Red and white hues shining vibrantly and the tips of the walls pointing assertively, I couldn’t help but feel a wave of peace flow through me. Going to these places has a very heavy impact on my well-being and serves my soul very greatly. It stops me in my tracks and makes me feel completely in the moment. I can only hope that you would have that feeling or a much greater feeling when you see these places that spark something in you.

Helpful tips before going to Zion National Park:

– Annual Park pass or Entrance fee is required when entering Zion National Park

– Entrance fee is $35/ per vehicle or $20/ per person on foot

– Between March through November, no vehicles, except for shuttle buses, are allowed to be on the scenic drive. The scenic drive is where the majority of hikes are in Zion National Park.

– Tickets for the shuttle bus can be purchased at Recreation.gov either online or with the app.

– Tickets are $1 and non refundable. If you are planning to be in Zion for more than one day and taking the shuttle, then you would need multiple tickets for the amount of days you will be there.

– You can use your ticket for getting on and off the shuttle as much as you want in the Canyon, but only 1 boarding from the visitor center.

– Advanced tickets can be released 2+ weeks in advance and another set of tickets can be released 1 day in advance.

– For more information on shuttle tickets, please visit nps.gov and search Zion National Park.

– If you choose not to take the shuttle, you can either rent bikes or hike the scenic drive.

– Here is a list of Bike Rentals near Zion:

  • Outta Here EBikes
  • Zion Cycles
  • Zion Outfitter
  • Bike Zion
  • Zion Adventure Company
  • Zion EBike Rentals
  • Over the Edge Sports

Our day in Zion National Park:

My husband and I only spent one day in Zion National Park even though we could have easily spent a week there. We decided to rent EBikes instead of taking the shuttle and the bikes did not disappoint! We were able to rent them for a full 8 hours which was definitely enough time for us. We picked up our rental bikes right outside of the park and rode them into the park. We weren’t solely prepared for this trip, so we were calling every bike rental place until we got one that actually had bikes available. So I am hoping this will help whoever is going to Zion to be more prepared than we were.

We rode our bikes on the Pa’rus Trail, which is actually the only bike trail and dog friendly trail in Zion National Park. Once you reach the end othe trail, it will lead you to the scenic drive. Once you are on the scenic drive, you basically ride your bike on the road the entire time. I really enjoyed renting EBikes because you could take your time and stop whenever you wanted too.

That being said, around 9:30am, we stopped at the Angel’s Landing trailhead and locked our bikes up. The trail was very crowded around that time, which is expected. If you want to miss the crowds, I would go way earlier than we did. The trail is 5 miles out and back with steep switchbacks and drop offs. Did I mention switchbacks? Because there are about 21 switchbacks on this hike and they were no joke. Then you reach the chain section, which is very narrow. If it is crowded, you have to wait your turn going up to the top and coming back down. Overall, this trail is a workout, but absolutely beautiful and worth it!! I would highly recommend doing this one if you ever went to Zion National Park.

Views from the top of Angel’s Landing

Once we finished Angel’s Landing trail, we hopped on our bikes, stopped multiple times to enjoy the views, and made it to the end of the scenic drive where we walked, partially, to the Narrows. After we felt like we had a great day well spent, we rode our bikes all the way back to where we met the bike rental staff.

All in all, I would do this again in a heart beat and I hope this encourages you to get outside and enjoy the beautiful areas around you.

4 thoughts on “Our day in Zion National Park (plus Helpful Tips)

  1. Fantastic post and such beautiful photos! I would love to visit Zion National Park one day to take in all the sights. I’m not to sure about hiking Angel’s Landing, with my fear of heights, I would most likely freeze halfway through the hike 🤣 but the views from the top of Angel’s landing are simply stunning! Thanks for sharing and taking me along. 😊 Aiva

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In all honesty, I thought I would be too scared to finish Angel’s landing, but I think seeing how many people were the doing the hike made me have more confidence in finishing. I am happy you followed along on my adventure! Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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