My Silent Treatment

Not many people can sit in silence for too long. Their mind starts to race and sometimes takes them to a dark place. Other times, they just get bored. This doesn’t happen too often with me. I use to sit in silence while driving all the time and to some people, that sounds torturous. But to me, It wasn’t torture. Silence always had a way with me.

It cleared my head of all the clutter. Homework, studying, and reading were always easier to do in silence. Ideas and topics always made there way to my brain. Knowledge just came better that way. These moments of silence cause calmness to flood through me.

This may be why I love the desert so much. The desert isn’t your typical silence. It is a deafening silence. If a bird flies over your head, you can hear the wings flapping through mid air. When you walk, you can hear the dirt crunch underneath your boots. The desert has a way of making you feel like the only person on this planet. It is so delicate, but yet, strong.

All my thoughts get cast out onto the desert terrain as if I am a part of it. My brain tries to take in all that it can. From the shadows of the plants dancing in the wind to the little trails left by geckos making their way home. The deafening silence of the desert makes me feel like I belong there.

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