Camper Life: First Time Struggles

Sometimes, things just go wrong and there is nothing in your power that you can do to make them go right. For example, our very first day of moving into our camper, it snowed. It wasn’t just a dusting of snow either, it full on snowed on us! We weren’t new to driving in the snow, but driving with a camper on the back end was new for us. We may have gone extremely slow for that matter, but we powered through and made it to our first “home” for the next two weeks.

Our view from our camper/home in a State Park in Colorado.

Not only did it snow our first day, but our second day, we were locked out of our camper. Our dog, Eva, was in there and it was her first time alone, in the camper. The sun was beaming and we didn’t have any windows open, which caused me to panic. Scenarios kept running through my mind. What if she is hot? What if she destroyed the whole camper? We tried and tried at the door, but it was jammed. We opened one of our storage doors under the camper and took everything out. My husband, Tyler, kicked the little wooden wall under our bed and it popped open. He wiggled his way through and once his head popped into the camper, he was greeted by Eva and her squirmy little body. He opened the front door and I came inside to find the camper at a reasonable temperature, Eva alive, and everything still intact.
In the winter months, we had our pipes freeze. Pipes freezing can cause so much damage to your camper so we were pretty cautious whenever our pipes froze. Our propane tank has ran out at 2am, which causes one of us to get up in the middle of the night to change it. Our toilet has been clogged with toilet paper, which took quite awhile to unclog the pipes. We, also, had our bed frame collapse underneath us and instead of fixing it that night, we just slept on the opposite side of the bed.
We knew camper life would come with it’s own unique struggles and we are lucky we haven’t had worst things happen to us. So for now, I won’t just enjoy the good times, but also the challenging times. Because those are the times where we seem to learn more about not only our camper, but ourselves.

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