My 3 words for 2021.

Our corgi enjoying the sunrise

Have you heard of people doing a “word of the year”? You pick a word that resonates with you for the new year and come back to that word as the year ends and see how it manifested throughout your life in the last 12 months.

For 2021, I decided to something very similar. I picked 3 words that really stuck out to me in the moment. My three words are:

  1. Accountability (noun): to be responsible for what you do and to give reason for it
  2. Cultivate (verb): to improve by labor, care, or study
  3. Transform (verb): to make a dramatic change in form, appearance, or character

These words struck a chord with my soul because honestly, I am not an expert at keeping myself accountable. I try to cultivate on certain tasks but fear of failure hinders my improvement. Lastly, transforming myself into who I want to be is challenging and takes a lot of my energy.

With a whole lot of determination and the right mindset, I know I can turn my life into what I want it to be and so can you. So here’s to 2021!

Do you have any resolutions/ goals/ words/ traditions for 2021?

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